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I’m Back….

Hey everyone!

I haven’t logged onto Tumblr in forever! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am BACK! And Tumblr will be my outlet to spill out all the negative vibes in my life.

Spread the love!

- Jumoke

"Jesus is the only person I have ever known who always exceeds my every expectation."
-Judah Smith (via itsallaboutchrist)
Love hurts…

Love hurts… But maybe that’s what makes it worthwhile? I mean without any pain there’s no gain, right? Maybe, I have false hopes of what love really is. I just know that I love this boy and it hurts sometimes. But it’s the good kind of pain, kind of like jealousy. People say a little jealousy is good for the soul. I just pray that one day the hurt goes away and we have that perfect love.